The Old Language (WORKING IN PROGRESS)  
Architectural video installation

...Yes, I have created skyscrapers 220 meters tall, but I have placed them where they had to be placed. Don’t kill Venice, I beg you.

- Le Corbusier 1962

The Venice hospital project(1965) have been regarded as the most controversial, so as to be unaccomplished, work of  the modernist architecture, Le Corbusier. In belief that an architecture model may imply a way of performativity of space (inhabitation) and staging politics and knowledges, I aim to restore such historical (but unbuilt) construct by using a game simulation engine. With a first-person control view, the type of graphical perspective that is often used for avatar-based and adventure games. This is to discover the evidence of the artist’s great love towards the
city, architecture and users which is poetically embedded and enriched in his research, encompassing a floor plan, model studies, and informal letters about the project.

In that the architecture is well known to address ‘a house is a machine for living in’, his project has a great resonance with the contemporary concept of ‘digital well being’. Once the voice activated technology, like Amazon’s Alexa, has been invented to help support better outcomes for those suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes, on how our perception on such illnesses, or even wellness in itself, would be altered.