Forest and Desert 2018

Real-time Simulation,  duration variable

Apoptosis is a process of programmed cell death, a biochemical event in which enables surviving possible for every living organism.
Forest and Desert, 2018, is a real-time simulation referring to such a biological function. The concept of natural death becoming a core engine for a virtual body to sustain its life, prevention of over population and over clocking, as well as the break-down of the system. The null and void routine of system renders the surreal but live images that continually undergoes change and challenges the self-contained capacity.
If        1239  fail to die,  
If        89.06   is successfully destroyed,
If        43941   is detected,
If        2100  generated,
If        43941   will recover,
If        34.9967 ,  the time    89.067
If        32.505 , GOOD

Installation view at Show RCA2018 Real-time Simulation, projection image, mini PC, TFT monitor